Deep sea fishing

Deep-sea fishing trip – with Skjervøy Fishing Camp as your base

Stay in comfort, eat well and head out to some of the best fishing grounds in Norway directly from Skjervøy Fishing Camp. Hunt for big such as large halibut and cod!

Straight from Skjervøy to the fishing grounds
It’s quick and easy to travel to Skjervøy. With our fishing camp as your base, you can walk straight down to the marina and head out in search of the big fish.

One of the best fishing spots in Norway
The fishing grounds of Skjervøy provide excellent chances for deep-sea fishing records and big game fishing! Just north of here is the island of Sørøya where many world records have been set, while to the south are the legendary fishing grounds off the Lofoten Islands. It’s safe to say we are right in the middle of the action!

A fishing tourist’s dream - the season lasts year-round
Spend your time deep-sea fishing in pursuit of the big catch. We will take care of the rest! By sleeping well, staying in comfort and eating well, you will get the most out of your deep-sea fishing trip.

Deep-sea fishing tips, boats and fishing equipment
Deep-sea fishing experts will guide you right to the big fish. Our modern boats will get you quickly and safely to the fishing grounds. If you don’t have your own equipment, we can help with that too. What are you waiting for?

Better deep-sea fishing than Sørøya, Lofoten or Ålesund? Yes, we like to believe it!
Very popular places like Sørøya, Lofoten and Ålesund offer good fishing. However, here at Skjervøy Fishing Camp, you can expect much less pressure and traffic. The variation is also great here. Long fjords and the open sea combined with noted rivers for salmon fishing offer increased opportunities for catching several species.

Why are the fish so big here?
The Gulf Stream right off the coast provides the sea with important nutrients. Furthermore, there is a large drainage of freshwater and nutrients from noted salmon rivers in the fjords. This provides the best conditions for plankton and crustaceans. The small fish grow fat. If there is one thing the big fish LIKE to eat, it’s fat small fish...

Climate and environment - important for the experience
The climate can be tough up here, but good equipment and safe boats make it easier for deep-sea fishing enthusiasts. As the fishing camp located in a sheltered area, it’s extremely seldom that guests are unable to spend all their days fishing.
In the summertime, it’s light around the clock, so you can fish day or night.

Huge halibut and chasing records
If you want to catch huge halibut, we recommend coming here in the late summer or early autumn. You can catch halibut year-round, but the best time to catch huge ones is from late July to early October.

Fishing methods you can typically use:

• Trophy fishing / Big fish gaming
• Surfcasting
• Bait fishing
• Jigging