Regler og betingelser


  1. Payment conditions:
    When booking, and upfront non-refundable 15% booking fee is to be made, then a room is booked for you on the agreed time. The remaining part of the amount (85%) is to be paid 1 months before arrival date the latest. Should a participant fail to arrive to the tour, the paid booking fee is not returned. If reservation is done less than 3 months before arrival day – full amount needs to be paid to confirm the booking.
  2. Once guests arrive to the camp, they conclude a bilateral contract with SKJERVØY FISKECAMP.
  3. Guests shall be accommodated on the agreed day not earlier than 16:00, while on the day of departure the apartment are to be vacated not later than 11:00, if there is no different agreement.
  4. On return, the apartment must be tidy, the motorboats clean and with full tanks (fuel to be acquired from SKJERVØY FISKECAMP team only).
  5. Please put all garbage in a container before leaving the camp.
  6. Smoking in the apartments is strictly forbidden.
  7. Guests must immediately notify employees of the camp in case of any equipment breakdowns or deficiencies in the apartment.
  8. Guests assume sole responsibility for their health and life insurance.
  9. SKJERVØY FISKECAMP does not assume responsibility for weather conditions, in case of doubts about weather condition safety, it is mandatory to consult with employees of the camp.
  10. It is forbidden to moor motorboats to the shore, except for emergency cases.
  11. Guest must wear lifejackets and unsinkable suits while in the sea.
  12. All boats can be piloted only by persons born before 1980-01-01 or having boat driving license ( to be presented to staff on arrival). 
  13. It is forbidden to sail out to sea for persons under influence of alcohol.
  14. It is forbidden to sail during the dark time of the day.
  15. Sailing in the mooring zone must be performed at low speed (max 5 knots), without evoking waves.
  16. It is forbidden to dispose fish waste near to the dock. All the waste must be carried away to the sea the same day, not to be left for next morning. 
  17. Once used, fish-filleting place must be left tidy and clean in all times.
  18. All guests must respect the surrounding environment (no littering, creating campfires, devastating environment, disturbing public order, etc.) and comply with Norwegian laws.
  19. Before leaving the harbour always check the safety-equipment in the boat. Personal equipment deposited in the boat during the rental period is always at your risk.
  20. Please keep the safety distance of minimum 200 metres to the local fish farms.
  21. Please check your fuel tank before leaving the harbour. It is a good routine to always fuel up before departing the harbour. Guest harbour fuel station is open 24/7 and payments are taken just by cards.
  22. Please consider the weather conditions before you go out to the open sea. Always remember that the weather conditions may change very quickly.
  23. Remember you are responsible for all use of the apartments, boat and its equipment. Signing the contract means you are liable for any damage or lost that might occur during rental period, including possible injuries to the driver of the boat, passengers and third parties. The hirer is also accountable for anyone else he permits to use the boat.
  24. Any damage to the boat or motor must be reported to the staff immediately and must be paid before departure.
  25. Damage to the propeller or motor, any big damage for the boat will be charged NOK 10 000.
  26. SKJERVØY FISKECAMP has rights to cancel your booking not later than two months before arrival date.